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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 13, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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resign. den by from california: julyly sin correct that this is political. a man died because of to mess meaning operation fast and furious. thanking for watching everyone. here is shepard smith. >>shepard: is something on fire on 6th avenue. >>megyn: something big is going on for at least an hour. >>shepard: nbc is over your left shoulder. maybe they did something. >>megyn: maybe the rockets are on the loose. it is summer. >>shepard: the news begins anew, on "studio b," today, governor romney, again, pounced on president obama's recent comments on the economy. as a former newt gingrich supporter curts a pro romney group a $10 million check. government for sale. line up here. and russia, today, denies united states claim that it is sending illegal weapons to the syrian regime. even accusing the united states
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of sending weapons to the syrian rebels. plus, lawyers for the undefeated boxer mayweather say the fighter should spend the rest of his jail sentence for beating his ex-girlfriend under house arrest. why in because he's getting out of shape. and he can't drink that water out of the tap. could hurt his career, you know? all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00, in new york city, the head of j.p. morgan chase bank apologized before congress today, after the company lost more than $2 billion on bad bets. the hearing started with, started out with a bang as protesters stormed the room. >> jamie dimon is a crook. $4 trillion in u.s. funds he took. this guy should be going to prison. >> predators on america.
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>>shepard: cops escorted the protesters out, and jamie dimon explained the massive loss was the result of failed strategy. and blamed trader whose did not understand the risk they were taking. >> this turned into something that created new and potentially larger risk rather than recollect the firm so we let a lot of people down. we are very sorry. this transaction that you said morphed, what did it morph into? >> it was something too risky for our company. >>shepard: he calls this self inflicted and says more regulation would not prevent it. mike, occasionally it reminds you of childhood you did something wrong you want new rules and you don't want them, they will not help. sorry, jamie dimon. >>reporter: he said he is in favor of strong regulation but not necessarily more regulation saying when they try to do certain deals, you are dealing with four or five different regulators and it is very
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complicated and confusing but he pushed back when a democratic lawmaker suggested that he is antiregulation. check this out. >> thousands of rules and regulations, you cannot define them all, giving informed advise on some. some we do not make sense and we are entitled to our opinion on what does not make sense. >> i think the american people, after making major investments in your bank and other institutions are entitled to ensure that they don't have to reach into their pocket again. would report the taxpayers were not on the hook for this $2 billion or so loss only a cost to the shareholders of j.p. morgan chase bank but bottom line, lawmakers are worried about making sure the taxpayers are never on the hook. again. >>shepard: the shareholders took the hit and now some of the executives may take a hit, too, if that is even possible in this world. >>reporter: well, they talk about claw back provisions, if
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you will, going after bonuses, going after stock, and that sort of thing for those who are most involved with the trades. that led one lawmaker to take a swipe at congress. >> it is comforting to know with $2 billion loss and a trade last year, your company still, i think, had a $19 billion profit during that same period, we lost over $1 trillion. so, if we had a claw back provision newspaper of us would be getting paid here. >>reporter: a swipe against the united states congress which is spending a great deal, and not exactly balancing the books. >>shepard: thank you, mike, from capitol hill which also is for sale. russia today accused the united states of giving weapons to the fighters in syria which has been rumored as world leaders say the syrian uprising is now all out civil war. the form minister today of russia denied hillary clinton's
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claim that russia is sending helicopters to syria saying "they are not illegal unlike the united states providing syrian dissidents with weapons that can be used against the syrian government." the french foreign minister today joined in calling for the syrian uprising and call it all out civil war. jonathan hunt is in the studio, the united states already responded. >>jonathan: secretary of state, put to her at the state department a short time ago, shep, that the russians are saying the united states is lying. the united states is saying the russians are lying. someone must be lying. secretary of state, hillary clinton wasted in time unequivocally denying the russian allegation that the united states has sent arms it syria. listen. >> i would emphasize that the united states has provided no military support to the syrian
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opposition. nothing. all of our support has been medical. and humanitarian. to help relieve the suffering of the syrian people. >>jonathan: secretary clinton again repeated the accusation that russia is sending military equipment including those attack helicopters you see there, to the syrian government. >>shepard: there is a love of labeling out here, and as i mention a lot of officials say this is absolutely a civil war. one part of the country is fighting against another part. but we don't like that label, right in >>jonathan: apparently not. the white house spokesman was repeatedly pressed on this question at a briefing today, at the white house, is this, or is this not a civil war? he said, it simply is not helpful to get involved in a debate over terminology but he had a warning for what will happen in syria and in the wider
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region if the international community doesn't work together. listen. >> we will likely be getting in a situation where syria is experiencing sectarian civil war that could spill beyond its borders and destabilize the region and could involve other countries in the kind of proxy conflict that can be damaging not just to the region but to the world. >>jonathan: there is no doubt on that. the proxy conflict is playing out in this verbal cold war style battle between the united states and russia. >>shepard: proxy is the key here. pulitzer prize winning journalist, judith miller is with us, an adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute. i do not enjoy being involved in misinformation, and i have caught myself stuck if that predicament in the past, not of my own volition so we avoid that, this time, the russians
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are sending attack helicopters to the syrian government. and the united states through its allies is sending weapons to the rebels, right? or wrong? >>guest: well, it has plausible deniability. >>shepard: that does not change the fact that weapons are getting to the rebels because our allies are sending them at our direction. >>guest: i don't think at our direction. i think the saudis and the uae and qatar clearly want to help their sunni brothers inside the country. and they would do this whether the united states authorized it or approved it. the fact of the matter is, weapons are getting in, now, on both sides. we are on the brink, if not already, involved in a civil war. >>shepard: this was about artillery and hand-to-hand combat. now they have started flying over head and shooting people from the sky, right in
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>>guest: that is what is going to start happen. >>shepard: they need more helicopters and the russians are sending the helicopters, pure and simple, right? >>guest: that is the case. what is really frustrating for the administration, is that this administration has worked so hard, hillary clinton, in particular, so hard with her counterpart, to get the russians on board a political plan, a political solution, so that syria does not integrate into the civil war we now seem to be on the brink of. >>shepard: a concern is in the civil war does play out, the people who win could be worse than the ones we are dealing with now. >>jonathan: we have no idea who would take control if that were to fall and as judith pointed out were has an interest. the saudis. iranians. qatar. russians. chinese. and us. everyone is involved. >>guest: it's a mess. really a mess.
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and no one knows exactly what to do. and the americans are all over the place when it comes to saying thing. one general said that getting rid of assad would be the greatest blow to iran in 25 year history so we have americans who seem, really, divided about what to do with this. >>shepard: and how quickly times change because it was the current secretary, hillary clinton, who called this man on the your screen "a reformer." and it was not very long ago. >>guest: and his wife was an elegant beautiful rose of the desert. things change. >>shepard: she is still beautiful. >>guest: he has an opportunity, and that is to make reforms, to do what mubarak did, if he did not want to make the reforms which was to step down. he chose the qadaffi route which is to fight. now his country is going do pay a terrible price for that decision. >>shepard: we will see if he cares or if the russians love their children.
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>> developing news on a murder at a hospital. police have been at scene since early morning and they have a building on lockdown. the suspect is at large. you have not heard of this we will update you in full coming up and whether it is true or not, more people in china think that this nation has surpassed the united states as the number one economic power not world. so, is it true? wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>>shepard: a hospital building in buffalo, new york, is on lockdown, as a swat team reportedly sevens for a trauma surgeon who is suspected of gunning down a woman. cops say the gunman shot and killed a 33-year-old woman in the building near the erie county medical hospital, and he
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severed in the animal and could be special weapons trained. police have surrounded that surgeon's home. cops had a complete lockdown but it is lifted and they are searching on the part of the campus where it happened. the killing was not a random act. >> more people say that china is the top economic powerhouse in the world. that is according to a new survey from the pew research describing itself as nonpartisan. researchers polled folks in 21 countries and for the first time they found 41 percent say china is the leading global economy, 40 percent went with the united states, the margin of error is under clear. the results of the poll do not reflect reality. the g.d.p. of america, the total valve goods and services is double that of china, $15 million versus $7 trillion for china. the poll does highlight china's
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competitive edge and rising public image. and now gerri's two cents from the fox business network, why are we dropping this survey? >>gerri: it syma -- it is about image. the chinese hold $1.1 trillion worth of our treasury. but just four years ago similar survey held 45 percent put us on top and 22 percent put china on top. so it is p.r. >>shepard: but the numbers are different? >>gerri: significantly different. we lead and by a long shot. you said our g.d.p. was double that of china. well we export more, too, $2.1 trillion versus $1.89 trillion and the treasuries that china holds. our treasury holds more of our debt than china and i am not counting the u.s. investors, institutions, banks, that hold u.s. treasuries. we have 5 percent of the planet's population and the biggest economy, you do the math we are still creditly important,
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the number one economy. >>shepard: hopefully we get it back on top. >>gerri: i would like to see 5 percent g.d.p. each quarter. >>shepard: and another report shows the president's foreign policy approval rating took a hit, not here, but overseas. the survey found that the biggest drop is in china. from 57 percent when the president took office to 27 percent new. the surveys in five muslim countries found that 19 percent drop and the foreign policy approval is down in europe, but high at 63 percent. specifically the survey found that wide-spread opposition to the united states drone campaign. really? more than half of respondents in 17 countries disapprove of drone strikes. targeting suspected terrorists. in other words, people who have been suspected of things but convicted of nothing. a meltdown of a pilot midair is leading to a class action case.
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remember this story? crazy stuff going on, on jetblue? all the passengers seemed fine at the time.
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>>shepard: crazy jetblue pilot, today, ten people sued jetblue in connection with the pilot would ran through the cabin yelling of jesus and al qaeda. you may remember in march witnesses say the jetblue captain ran through the cabin shouting "bring this plane down, al qaeda is here." during a flight from new york at john f. kennedy to los angeles, passengers tackled him at direction of the other pilot. the first officer diverted the plane to texas and the lawsuit claims that the airline was grossly negligent in allowing
12:22 pm
the captain to fly and the passengers suffered "severe emotional disturbance, anxiety, and fear." nothing yet from jetblue. back to our panel, former report and fox news level analyst, arthur aidala and criminal defense attorney, randy zelin. birthday boy dead. happy birthday, randy. >>randy: thank you. >>shepard: i remember the day, crazy guy did say crazy stuff. can you sue for that? >>arthur: the truth is, we sue for a heck of a lot less, right? you get your hand caught in the door of the deli and there is a big lawsuit. so, i mean, this sounded like it was real bad. you are going on a plane you are not looking to be tackling the pilot who is screaming, the plane is going down. do i think --. >>shepard: cocktail parties for rest of your life. >>arthur: and only ten people
12:23 pm
are suing. i would like to think only two or three have injuries or damaged. >>shepard: randy? >>randy: here i go and i am going to go, anyone can sue anyone for information, sure they can say that jetblue messed up because of the pilot. but you actually have to prove it. because, unless these people can show that jetblue knew or they should have 15, or didn't do something to find out that this guy could go postal, then jetblue has no viability. >>shepard: go on. >>randy: that is the bottom line. you want did go after the pilot? he did it. not just blue. budget blue has the deep pockets and everyone thinks they do not want the negative publicity and they will write a check. that is not our system of justice. >>shepard: i would like more space seat for the rest of my
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life. >>arthur: will they look at, bottom line, look at all the records? his history in if there is a history, that this guy was on the edge, or any indication, he worked too many hours straight without the present breaks, anything to give them a bit of evidence that jetblue messed up --. >>shepard: those accusations do not exist. >>randy: case gone. the only way they will succeed --. >>arthur: jest blue does not want the bad publicity, and okay, here is $50,000, everybody. >>randy: then it is open season on jetblue. at some point you will have to say "no," because then everyone will come out when the stewardess, flight attendant runs over my foot with a $10 drink, i will sue. >>arthur: randy --. >>shepard: they will sue you
12:25 pm
for calling them a "stewardess." >>randy: rapanzel. >>arthur: captains do not usually run up and down the aisle saying the jet is going down. it is not a cuss -- custom. >>shepard: we have a first, doing this 13 years, this is a first. first time rapunzel has been talked about. >>jonathan: used to be work hard and make $1 million, now it is sue someone and make $1 million. the american dream. >>shepard: president obama and governor romney saying they have what it takes to fix the economy but voters do not think either man has the secret. the campaign strategy is next. and casey anthony. really? wow. casey anthony says she did not
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. new polls show most independent
12:30 pm
voters are sold on neither president obama or governor romney and their plans to fix the economy. according to abc and "the washington post," 38 percent of independents believe in president obama's vision to get the economy on track but 54 percent disapprove of his ideas. similar story for governor romney: 35 percent are in favor of his land and 47 percent say they are not in favor. that we have carl cameron with us, following governor romney's campaign, and ed henry is on the north lawn. what do we hear from the president? >>reporter: tomorrow he will give a big speech in ohio the first major economic address he will deliver of the general election at a time when you mention abc news and "washington post" post poll, and reuters has a poll showing neither candidate has the huge edge on the economy, but it showed among independents, mitt romney, 46 percent and the president 43 percent in who is stronger on jobs and the economy. if you are down around 43
12:31 pm
percent that is not a good place to be, but, white house aids say the president is not going to announce any new policies in this speech tomorrow, and, instead, will talk about a lost things he talked about before. getting congress to pass what is already on the table. here is jake carney. take a listen. >> recently put forward a set of ideas that congress could act on, to build on the measures he prepared last fall. congress should act on all of them. >> the problem for president is james car develop and some of his other democratic colleagues have written a memo to the democratic party and top folks saying that unless the president comes up with a dramatic new policy shift, a new strategy, he is going to face a tremendous head wind in november because of the economy and early signs is, tomorrow, the president will not roll out a new policy. >>shepard: he is reminding voters how bad it was when he got to office and how hard he tried to make it better. >>reporter: last night he had a series of fundraisers in
12:32 pm
maryland and pennsylvania and he went back to that strategy of blaming the bush administration, pointing out, which is true, that he inherited a lost economic problems, he inherited deficit problems but i spoke to the republican strategy early today, and he basically said that has a limited political appeal. >> policies have failed and fail miserably and you cannot go out and say things are going to be different in a second term when it is the same thing. also not enough to say, bush left me a mess and romney is the same thing. >>reporter: that is the challenge if the president. when he came to office he was facing all kinds of problems left over from the bush administration but he now has had 3 1/2 years in office. the key in the next few months is going to be to show that his policies are turning this around. that is his challenge. a very big challenge. >>shepard: thank you, carl, and ed henry on the north lawn, thank you. governor romney again jumped on
12:33 pm
president obama's comment that the private sector doing fine. a comment the president later clarified and put in context. however, it is on tape. now he is saying the economy is not doing fine, and governor mitt romney any spoke today at a meeting with 100 c.e.o.'s in washington, dc, and got something of a boost from a casino mogul who kept newt gingrich's presidential campaign afloat. the "wall street journal", owned by our parent company reports adelson is donating $10 million to a super pac according to romney. the donations keep coming in, carl. >>carl: he gave $21 million to a super pac that supported newt gingrich during the republican primaries, and, this has been in the works for a while. governor romney had a big meeting with donald trump, a lot of controversy and as part of that newt gingrich was on hand and provided an introduction between romney and mr. adelson
12:34 pm
and now you see there will be an additional $10 million from him helping out romney by way of a super pac. however, there is supposed to be no coordination so these does not have control how the money will be spent. >>shepard: did governor romney say much of anything else for the c.e.o.'s? >>reporter: they have employed 14 million people all told, and it was tough stuff. in addition to what romney said, there is a web attack ad mocking the president if the speech president obama was going to give tomorrow, and romney took a deliberate shot today. listen. >> speak eloquently but the words are keyed -- cheap and the basis is how you determine if they should hold on to the job. the record we have 23 million americans out of work or stopped looking or underemployed. that is a compelling and sad
12:35 pm
statistic. >>carl: romney called the president's record the last 3 1/2 years the most antiinvestment, anti-business, antijobs series of policies in modern american history. >>shepard: but corporations are making record profits? >>carl: if you go back to the cape, and obama campaign likes to, romney said that corpses are people, too. >>shepard: obviously. live from capitol hill. and then there is this. the florida mom at the center of the murder trial that riveted the nation is breaking her silence. casey anthony, we are told, told cnn she is ashamed of the person she was. but we did not hear it. she main taped she did not kill her daughter. she was found not guilty and called that child her greatest memberment. 26-year-old one time mom has been hiding since last year since she was acquitted of
12:36 pm
killing her child. and the guy on cnn who replaced larry king says he spoke with casey anthony on the phone for ten minutes, a big guest to get, and said she has gone through hell, and is not a party girl and she said that rumors she gained weight are not true. this is cnn breaking news, casey anthony has not gain weight. come a long way, cnn. she works out all time and she is reading the book "the hunger games." and p.r. consultant brings us from emerald partners and co-author of "rethinking reputation." i have a lot of friends at the networks and friends for 20 years and i mostly respect the work they do. but cnn get as big scoop, and gets on the phone with casey and
12:37 pm
comes on tv and talks to the lawyer? really in that is a big scoop? and, the news flash, this is cnn breaking news. not a party girl and has not gained weight. >> you are missing the precedent-setting interview. no casey anthony video. no casey anthony audio. no casey anthony. it is a precedence-setting interview. from her perspective, in a p.r. sense, no one will be terribly empathetic but it was perfect because what she did, the first rule of public relations, you control the agenda. what she did in this interview and the people around her, they made pierce morgan their spokesman and his job was to deliver one message, and the message was, as you said, i did not kill my daughter, and i am ashamed of what i was. it was from a public relations
12:38 pm
point of view, from her perspective, perfect. >>shepard: i don't, why think i need to ask what it was from the perspective of cnn. >>guest: no, you don't. >>shepard: is casey starting a rebuilding campaign? who is to say? >>guest: now, you would talk with her if you had the chance. it is a news story. this is a first initial re-entry back into the public. no one will be sympathetic to this girl now, but, if you said to me, how should we position hero entry so she minimizes her risk of looking bad or fat or whatever, of sounding bad or sounding incriminating, of sounding not believable, of looking not believable, this is the way i would have done it dr. a public relations standpoint what they did for her, and what cnn agreed to
12:39 pm
deliver for her, was perfect. >>shepard: she should call phil keating, down in florida newsroom, our correspondent, phil keating. that would be different. >>guest: it would be different. but, from cnn's perspective it was a good guest. and obviously the other part of it, from a journalism perspective, which is why you are cynical, they had --. >>shepard: that is a commentator show, they do not put it under the cnn umbrella. >>guest: but they had to agree to certain parameters before we agree that casey will talk to you, which, obviously, they did. >>shepard: this is cnn break news. there is in more news. thank you, frazier. havehave a great an. >> a famed mobster has decided
12:40 pm
after a hit movie on him from "good fellas." >> as far back as i remembered i always wanted to be a gangster. >> all he died of complications from heart problems remitted to smoking. >> a bear attacks a hiker and slash as plan's mechanic and -- man's back and neck and he still calls 9-1-1. and lawyers say the jail conditions for the boxing champion floyd mayweather are too rough including complains, i'm not used to drinking tap water. will that get him out of the jail? you might be surprised when our legal panel joins us presentsly.
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12:43 pm
>>shepard: a guy in alaska is
12:44 pm
recovering after a brown bear mauled him on a hiking trip. he curled in a ball while the beer chewed him up. he was alone and he spotted a bear and a cub in the path and he says the bear lunged at him. he was able to fight it off with a ski pole and he ran to a tree and called for help when he ran up the tree. and the police released the 9-1-1 call. experts say you are supposed to play dead if a situation like this. >> and it did not work. he was laying there he could feel the bear biting him but he was wearing the backpack so that helped protect him. that is when he decided to get up and run and the tree you are talking about he climbed up 30' in the tree but on way he lost his backpack, fortunately, his cell phone was in his pants pocket so he was able to call
12:45 pm
9-1-1. >> what is the address of your emergency? >> i was mauled by a brown bear. on the trail. on bird creek trail, i was mauled by a brown bear. >> do you need an ambulance? >> yes. >> where are you pleading from? >>guest: >> my back, neck, lower back. please get an ambulance. >> that is when he lost connection with the cell phone. right there. middle of nowhere. and he says he could hear the bear, the bottom of the tree puffing and huffing. >>shepard: and it took a long time for 9-1-1 to get there? >>trace: they were two hours away and he rechecked and he is trying to explain to them how badly he is injured. imagine being in that tree. here he is when he reconnected. >> where is your emergency? >> i am the guy that just got mauled by a brown bear. >> we are getting medic on the
12:46 pm
way. >> i can hear the bear huffing in the free and i climbed a tree. so, i'm as high as i can get in a tree. >> go ahead and stay if that tree if you can hear it. okay? >> how long do you think it will be before they get here? >> a little lyle because we have in troopers on, and he will come as quickly as he can. >> i think i am bleeding quite a bit. >> he used his shirt to stop the bleeding but, again, two hours and they had to haul him out in alter rain vehicles because of the terrain and finally, a helicopter took him to a hospital. a lot of stitches but no life-threatening injuries. lucky lucky guy. they say he is a tough dude. >>shepard: very lucky. lawyers for the undefeated boxing champ floyd may weather say he may never fight again if not released.
12:47 pm
early this month he started the that month jail sentence because he beat his girlfriend while two of their children were watching. the lawyers ask thed judge to let him serve the remainder under house arrest because he was confined to his cell 23 hour as day and he is getting out of shape of the the personal doctor visited the jail and said he was concerned about the boxer losing missile mass. he is eating fewer than 800 calorie as day. big drop from the usually 3,000 to 4,000 calories and he does not drink tap water. the judge will make a decision tomorrow. and now back to arthur and randy. the tap water is fine. and he complained he cannot do pushups, he has 7 by 12. >>arthur: i am shocked if the judge let him out. she, the only thing she can take, into minimal consideration, is the calorie
12:48 pm
intake. >>shepard: give him more food. >>arthur: what you do in jail, you work out. everyone knows that. that is the only benefit. you come out and you have been working out. >>randy: it is a shame we cannot take each individual, look at the situation, and, say, do we need to keep this guy locked up got another 60, 70, 80 days? the jails are crowded enough. i welcome, if i were floyd mayweather's lawyer i would say the girlfriend is okay bit. >>shepard: have you heard about battered wife syndrome where they are beaten on and beaten on and they are afraid to say anything, the judge could be concerned about that. >>randy: and should call it down the middle but if you look at the jail situation, no idea may weather does a lot more for this community out. given the opportunity to do that, destroy his entire life,
12:49 pm
his entire career. >>arthur: what do you mean, six months is an entire career? muhammad ali was out for three years. >>randy: how about rehabilitation or a second chance? >>shepard: after what happened last weekend, the sport is dead. >>randy: well, yes. >>shepard: bury it like a character at of "true blood." it is gone. >>randy: floyd can bring it back. >>shepard: how will they get a fight after last weekend? >>randy: let them fight the brown bear. >>shepard: he for its the girlfriend according to the ruling of the court. >>randy: we make mistake. move on. >>arthur: in front of the kids >>randy: and he admitted. and he pleaded guilty. >>arthur: three months is nothing, a slap on the wrist. >>randy: he accepted responsibility. >>arthur: do the jail time. i don't want to hear b.s. about you cannot drink tap water. you punk your girlfriend in -- u
12:50 pm
punch your girlfriend in the face, and you get three months. >>arthur: it is a punishment. a punishment. >>randy: do you know how many of my clean would rather be in jail? >>arthur: i am sure he has 1,400 televisions and maid service. >>shepard: you have been on this planet 50 years and a day. tomorrow. every person who graduates college these days ends up with big student loan bills. unless you borrow from your parents. so, leaders in some cities and states are offering to help with the bills. with one condition. that is next. wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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>>shepard: a difficult in new york is working on an incentive program for the city to pay student loans, paying graduates up to $7,000 after they rent an apartment or buy a home and live there for two years. the homes and apartments a few blocks from the famous falls, and rural counties in kansas are going a step further, and officials offering to waive the state income tax for five years for eligible graduates. and now, a real estate consultant, author, and c.e.o., paying you to come. >>guest: they are. this like the marriage of two perfect misses. housing market, that still is not doing very well, particularly in these areas, and, students who are saddled with $1 trillion in student loans, 95 percent are graduating college with debt. >>shepard: could you just live in niagara falls in the summer. >>guest: and an area outside
12:55 pm
of seattle playing with this, columbia difficult. >>shepard: is this catching on? and do recent graduates seem to be paying attention? >>guest: i read a blog earlier and several male students said when they incent vice the ladies to come they will consider but physical that the student loan debt took a back seat. >>shepard: a lost creative stuff going on to try to keep kids from being saddled because we could lose a whole generation of people living at mom and dads house. ex-5 -- >>guest: 5 percent are moving back with parents after getting a degree. but it is helping if you have a degree but it is troubling. >>shepard: how much do we see kids go back-to-school and what sort of a housing crunch is it causing? >>guest: a growing area outside of larger universities, particularly, it is growing area. in housing, it has been throughout this entire real estate bubble.
12:56 pm
>>shepard: thank you. and before we wrap it you will, blame the dog when all else fails. police arrested a man for setting fire to his apartment and trying to pin it on his dog. the fire happened a year ago and police investigated it since. they say the suspect originally told them that a dog may have started the fire by knocking over a fan. investigators were skeptical. they have not said how the suspect started the fire but they say the fire is off the hook. when in doubt, blame the media. it works. that is it for "studio b" and back tonight at 7:00 eastern, and 4:00 pacific. the dow will be closing down for the day in 3 1/2 minutes. off about 94 on the session. concerns about europe, as you know, when in doubt blame the europes, too. so blame the europeans, media or the dog. a new friend. we will be back for the fox report. "your world," with neil cavuto coming up including the latest
12:57 pm
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